5 Most Cute Messages For Propose Day Influenced By Social Media

There are so many girls and boys who love or like someone but are so much afraid or hesitate to tell about their feelings. Some of them can share their feelings. But most of them can never share their feelings with whom they love so much. But in my opinion you should share your feelings with whom you like or love. Because may be he/she also love you or like you but he/she also can not tell you. Maybe you think that she/he will not accept your love and that is why you are afraid of telling them about your feelings. But it is not the wise decision, whatever maybe the fate of your love, just go ahead and share your feelings. The following love lines will surely help you to propose your love on Propose Day or any other day.

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Propose  Day Special :

Many times I have typed I Love You in Whatsapp but I could never send that and deleted every time. And today I have not texted any messages to you because this is very special moments for me and I want to share my feelings in front of you, keeping my eyes to your eyes. I just want to tell you that I love You madly, badly and heartily. Please will you be my love, will you be my life ?

Whenever you uploaded pictures on Facebook, I  used to to think that its for me and I became very happy. But I want to make you the image of my life.Will you be the display picture of my life, will be the path of my life ?

Do you remember that we used to chat in Messenger late night regularly. But one day you were not able to come online and that day I was so much worry and missed you badly. But I have never told you. Will you be my partner for whole life that I would not be afraid anymore because you will be always with me.

Whenever I see any romantic video in Youtube I always remember you as my partner. If I see Shah Rukh Khan romancing with Kajol , I think of me with you. Will you be my dream girl ?

Whenever I think to share my feelings with you, hundreds of time I search on Google that how to propose a girl. Because I fear if you reject my love. But believe me, today I have not searched anything and its my own way of sharing my feelings. Its my own words come from my heart.Will you be queen ?

Happy Propose Day

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So these are some cute Propose Day messages that will surely help you to propose your love. So do not wait, just go ahead and share your feelings with whom you loved very much.

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